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It All Begins with a Determined Desire

When we reach that “true” mark of middle age (for most of us it is when we break 50) our health becomes a matter we are more cognizant of. In our younger years we simply assume good health. But when we reach the mid point of life many things have possibly impacted our thinking. Perhaps a friend our age suddenly was diagnosed with cancer. Maybe joints begin to hurt. Energy levels seem lower than normal. It is during these situations that we start to consider our health.

Obviously we know that good health is essential to long life. But what do we do in our attempts to ensure good health? For many of us we simply hope we will remain healthy. If we get sick, we visit the doctor and take whatever medications he or she prescribes. But this approach is a defensive position.

We really should be on the offense. We should take action to maintain optimal health.

But for many of us that offensive approach remains on the shelf. We know what we should do because we have heard it for years: exercise, eat right, get plenty of sleep, watch you sugar intake, drink plenty of water and etc. But even though we know these things many of us still don’t do so. And then when illness and poor health is our reality, we wish we had taken better care of ourselves.

So, what is the missing element? Why is it that many people know what they should do to lose weight and preserve good health but do not?

It really comes down to determined decision.

You see, there is a big difference between wanting to do something and deciding to do it. Most over-weight people “want” to lose weight, but have never truly decided to do so. Many people who struggle with health “want” to do something, but do not take the appropriate actions to secure good health.

When I talk about decision I am really talking about a determined decision. A decision that you have made that will not be denied. When I lost those 35 pounds it was the result of a decision that was backed by determination. No snack cake, fast food fix, casserole, or family meal was more important than reaching the goal. Optimal health requires thoughtful consideration. If we are feeling our age then it means it’s time to “decide” with determination to do something about it. Nothing should hinder us.

This blog is about doing all we can to maintain optimal health for those over 50. Much information will be provided on health and wellness, dieting, exercise, and supplementation. Reviews of products and information related to helpful nutritional products will be offered on a regular basis. Please stop by this blog several times each week to see updated information.

Thank You!

Tony Guthrie

 Where It Begins