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How to Lose Belly Fat – The Facts

Everyone with the mid-section bulge should want to lose belly fat … now! Of all the health issues we tend to face at the mid-point of life, belly fat is something that should greatly concern us. For some reason men and women alike seem to just “roll with it” when it comes to this issue. But no one should “roll” with such a dangerous realty. Here’s why: 

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Belly Fat can lead to the following:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Dementia

How to Lose Belly Fat – The Method

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Many people want to lose belly fat but they believe that the only real way to lose those inches is to do crunches and sit ups by the hundreds. People dread the stress in the neck, the pain that follows, and the drudgery of that daily grind. So, of course, they avoid those exercises like the plague.

Many people don’t realize that crunches and sit-ups actually build and develop abs. This means these exercises cause the abdominal muscles grow larger. Ab exercises rarely burn fat but always build muscle. Therefore, working abs can actually make you look fatter because the bigger abs are pushing the layers of fat outward. What you want to do is use the fat on your body as a source of energy.

Now, I want to STRESS that I AM NOT a certified fitness trainer nor am I a professional nutritionist. My knowledge and results come from intense research and good ole’ fashioned trial and error. Also, if you plan to implement any exercise or diet program it is crucial to see your doctor first.  That noted I want to share what I did to remove virtually all of the visceral fat from my mid-section. I believe this will work for any one:

What I share in the steps below is simple common sense. These steps will help you use visceral fat as an energy source. Stored fat = stored energy. I will explain in the steps below.

Step One: Determine to drink NOTHING BUT PURIFIED WATER for the first two weeks of the effort. If you must have a morning cup of coffee, then make it black for these first two weeks. Water contains no carbs, protein, sugar, or anything. It simply keeps us hydrated.

Step Two: Eat NOTHING after 8 pm in the evening. If you eat shortly before bedtime the body will not burn the calories the food in the stomach contains. Because you are not moving the body will simply store it as fat. However, if the tummy is empty whatever energy the body needs to maintain sleep and restorative aspects, it will take from stored energy reserves: fat!

Step Three: Upon awaking in the morning do ANYTHING that will get your heart-rate up for 20 to 30 minutes. This can be jogging, running in place, walking on a treadmill at a FAST pace, jumping jacks, or whatever. It takes LOTS of energy to do these exercises. DO NOT EAT ANYTHING prior to the exercises. Why? Because you want to exercise on an empty stomach so the body will take the energy from its stored resources … belly fat.

Step Four: After the 20-30 minutes of exertion DO NOT eat for at least an hour. Go shower, rest, and prepare for the day. Allow your body to do the work of burning fat for energy.

Step Five: Eat 5 small meals of around 350 calories instead of 3 large meals containing many more calories. Avoid sugar as much as possible. Get plenty of natural fiber through fruits and vegetables. When and if you feel hungry gulp down a large glass of water. This will fill the stomach and curb the hunger.

Step Six: Try to free your life from stress and worry as much as possible. Stress, anxiety, and worry makes us want to eat. Get whatever emotional help you need or simply slow down and try to keep life in perspective.

When I did this it took about three weeks to see a big difference in my stomach. I believe you will too.

I hope this helps.

Tony Guthrie // 404-933-0418

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  • All these points are valid.
    But one other aspect of losing belly fat-in fact losing weight in general, is a good night’s sleep.
    In our fast paced world, a lot of people are sleep deprived without realizing it.
    Lack of sleep can lead to low energy level, slow metabolism and stress.
    And all these will make losing a big gut difficult at best
    Here is another point.
    To lose weight, you need to eat healthy fats. Healthy fats help you burn fat
    The thyroid is intimately involved in metabolism
    A slow metabolism make losing your gut very difficult. Healthy fat helps your thyroid function better
    Another thing I would recommend for people trying to lose a big belly, is digestive cleanse.
    A lot of people are carrying around pounds of old fecal matter that has accumulated over years
    This can interfere with good digestion, absorption of nutrients, and elimination of wastes.
    This is also an environment for bad bacteria to thrive and produce bloating gases
    Getting rid of these accumulated wastes with a good colon cleanse, can result in getting rid of as much as 5 pounds in a matter of days.

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