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Recently I had a colonoscopy. I have been told that since I am over 50 (54 at the time of this writing) that I should have it done. The preparation for the procedure was far worse than the procedure itself. Obviously the colon has to be completely flushed out before the colonoscopy can be conducted. Needless to say, that was quite an experience simple smile Colon Cancer: An Overview

The procedure was easy because the doctor put me under with anesthesia. So, I never felt a thing. And for those of you who may be concerned about the procedure I can only tell you that it was a piece of cake for me. Again, the worst part was the preparation 24 hours before the procedure. You can only have certain liquids the day before. Then roughly 12 hours before the procedure you have to ingest the “goo” that cleans your colon out completely. And just so you know, the goo (at least for me) tasted terrible! BUT I just slammed it down and got it over with.

The good news is that my colon was relatively healthy. I have had my issues with diverticulitis over the years but the colonoscopy revealed only small traces of it. When it “flared up” over the years it has been the most painful experience of my life. Thankfully, changing my diet and choosing the right supplements has helped tremendously to turn the tables on its severity. In fact I haven’t had a serious flare up in years.

Obviously our greatest concern with a colonoscopy is that the text may reveal colon cancer.
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colon cancer Colon Cancer: An Overview

Again, the good news for me is that the results were quite positive. I did have two small harmless polyps but they were removed during the procedure. Not everyone, however, receives such good news.

Please, if you are over 50, get the test. And please contact me by email and simply ask what turned my health around. I haven’t had a serious diverticulitis flare up in years … there’s reason and I would love to share it (not just for diverticulitis).

Thank You!

Tony Guthrie

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