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Tony Guthrie, Ph.D.

Hi, I’m Tony Guthrie and I am passionate about helping civic and community organizations, non-profits, churches and church groups raise money for projects and necessities. Inviting me to speak at your planned event can raise a significant amount of much needed funds. Simply contact me and I will tell you how easy it is.

My focus speech topics are Understanding Your Personality Colors and How Understanding Your Significant Other’s Personality Can Strengthen Your Relationship.  These presentations are both humorous and serious.

As a blogger at, I enjoy sharing practical and spiritual insights to help as we face life’s challenges. I also provide direction on being all we can be on this journey we call “life.”

I am a professional speaker who specializes in helping people preserve and strengthen their most vital relationships (including career relationships). LEARN MORE BY CLICKING HERE.

I have discovered what works in the professional and personal environment to enhance relationship camaraderie.

With a mission of helping people development and strengthen key relationships I hope to inspire and encourage my readers and listeners by providing practical and “do-able” tips and skills.

I spent much of my career as a pastor and a professor. I taught on the faculty of Luther Rice University from 2003 until 2014. I also headed up LRU’s Doctor of Ministry program from 2007 until 2014. Today I am proud to say that that program is among the finest in the world.

I also have a passion for business. From 2003 until 2015 I owned, managed, and operated a successful carpet and upholstery cleaning company as a purely part-time effort. I authored a Kindle Book on how to start a carpet cleaning business on a shoestring budget. Hundreds of copies of that book have been sold since 2012. See it HERE.

I researched network marketing (AKA: Muliti-Level Marketing) extensively from 2008 until 2015. I was involved in a number of these businesses and now I know why well over 90% of all who join in good faith leave within a few months of joining full of frustration. I authored a Kindle book called Network Marketing: How to NOT Get Scammed as a warning for people to get ALL the facts BEFORE joining any of these “opportunities.” I am now a successful Network Marketer because I have learned, through failure, just how to easily build a profitable network marketing business. See my site here:

As a pastor in the 1990s my small church saw a 150% increase in regular attendance within 2 years of my implementing the professional leadership strategies I have learned from great teachers like John Maxwell. Since then I have read and absorbed most of Maxwell’s books and teachings along with dozens of others. Many of the blog posts on this site are dedicated to professional leadership aspects, strategies, and skills. I trust these posts bring helpful insights to you.


These days I spend my time conducting fundraisers, speaking at events, consulting business owners and school administrators, teaching in an adjunct capacity, conducting training events, blogging about business and leadership, and writing e-books for publication on Amazon.

I have found some great resources in my professional journey. Having e-books published on Amazon brings a sense of significance and accomplishment. If you would be interested in becoming a published author and receiving GREAT training for an amazingly affordable, one-time fee, click here. That resource is where I learned what I know about writing Kindle books for Amazon.

Also, if you need to strengthen your public speaking and presentation skills you should check out Tom Antion’s fantastic training site! CLICK HERE now and become a member. Tom’s training is second and to none. It would be a great investment in yourself and your career.

Thank you for stopping by my site.

Be well!

Tony Guthrie, PhD.

Call Me directly at 404-933-0418


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  1. Dr. Guthrie,
    I am very happy to be part of all that you are offering that I can truly excel in my Professional life.
    Dr. V. Jackman-Bishop

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